Flaming Saddles at Bissell Mansion
"Flaming Saddles"
January through April 2014
The year is 1899. Gold is discovered in the city of Tombstone, Arizona. Overnight, this savage no man's land mushrooms into a thriving metropolis where the latest Paris fashions can be bought from the back of wagons residents who stray too far outside the town limits can get scalped in style.

It's not long before thieves and cutthroats band together in Tombstone to form the "Cowpokes Gang." Brothers to the death, the only law and order they acknowledge is that of their matriarchal leader, Doc Holly Day. The Gunfights are a daily occurrence in Tombstone, and the murder rate rivals that of today's big cities.

The heroine of our play, cabaret star Lily Von Stoop, telegrams famous lawman, Wyatt Burp for help, but somebody bumps off Burp. Her last hope is Major John Payne, riding with the calvary into Tombstone on a "Flaming Saddle," as only a Major Payne can.

So come to the Bissell Mansion, y'all. Whether you're a member of the Cowpokes Gang, a singing Saloon Girl, faithful Indian companion, corrupt politician, or just another gold prospector, you'll find a wealth of laughs. As the leader of the Cowpokes Gang, Doc Holly Day says, "It's only funny 'til someone dies, then it's hysterical."

This participatory 4-act comedy murder mystery is set in the old west and presented with a 4-course meal to DIE for! Make your reservations now. Call the Bissell Mansion at 314-533-9830 or 1-800-690-9838. It would be a CRIME to miss out on this much FUN!

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