Phantom of the Grand 'Ole Opry

Phantom of the Grand 'Ole Opry

Extended Through July 2020

Millions of people flock to the Grand Ole Opry House to see Tammy Whino's one woman show, "Stand By Your Man." Here, amid the fried chicken, line dancing and dinner theatre, Tammy is the Queen of the Grand Ole Opry. Or is she?

When she is found murdered, many suspect the Phantom because everyone knows the house is haunted. Or could the murderer be Billy Ray Serious, Naomi Dudd, and we can't forget about Nelson Willy? 

So, ya all come down and help Kenny Rogeers and Dolly Pardon and all your favorite country western singers as they help apprehend the killer. Participate in a murder mystery. Ask for a "starring" role or just sit back and guess "whodunit." 

This interactive comedy, murder mystery is served with a 4-course meal to DIE for! Make your reservations now. It would be a CRIME to miss out on this much FUN!

So make your RESERVATIONS for our next show now. It would be a CRIME to miss out on this much fun! Call 314-533-9830 or 1-800-690-9838.

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