Murder on 34th Street

Murder on 34 Street

The Trial of the Century

Dates To Be Announced

Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus, has been on trial before, but this time it's for MURDER! Kris has been accused of killing Reginald T. Sawyer, the famous psychologist of Macy's Department Store. This is the same Mr. Sawyer that Kris conked on the head with his cane many years ago.

Thomas Mara has been given the task of prosecuting Kringle again, but he has a formidable opponent in the defense attorney, Doris Walker Gaylee. Some time ago, Fred Gaylee, her husband, proved Kris Kringle to be the one and only Santa Claus; now it's Doris' turn to prove Kris' innocence. You be the JUDGE! Who is the real murderer? Could it be Miss Candy Cane, Cindy Lou Who, or maybe Ima Shopper. There will be suspicious men at the trial, also. Have you heard of Clement Seemore, or Dingle Kringle - and we can't forget about Frosty T. Snowman.

Join us for the Trial of the Century and help bring the murderer to justice. Ask for a "starring" role or just sit back and guess "who dunnit." This interactive murder mystery is served with a 4-course meal to DIE for! Make your reservations now. It would be a CRIME to miss out on this much FUN! So make your RESERVATIONS now. It would be a CRIME to miss out on this much fun! Call the Bissell Mansion at 314-533-9830 or 1-800-690-9838.

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